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Seoul Sister!

Do you have a SOUL Sister?

Because I DO!! THE BEST!! AND I’m going to SEOUL tomorrow to hug her…I promise you she is the BEST –she has been my true sister in Christ over the past three years (and will be forever!) AND now she has invited the WHOLE tribe to stay in her home for the 4th of July weekend! HOW CRAZY FUN IS THAT?!?!  Oh Yes, there will be stories.  This will be one to remember! And it may just make the Hendrix’s happy we’re leaving the Penninsula!!

LOVE YOU, TERA!  I can’t wait! The kids can’t either…they’ve had their backpacks ready for two days now…and had the worst case of the giggles as they went to bed tonight!! I’m so looking forward to the total JOY of being with your family…all the laughter, noise, chaos, encouragement…and maybe, if we’re real lucky, a quick round of ‘corn-hole’!! 😉


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