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She was born to SOAR!

28 MARCH 2010…                                “SOAR on with wings as eagles…WALK and not grow weary…RUN and not grow faint…”

HAPPY HAPPY DAY…My ‘baby’ girl…sweet Ella Joy is SEVEN!!! The years have literally flown by…how did my sweet chubby blue-eyed baby so suddenly become this beautiful, free spirited young lady.  I am so thankful for how Jesus has shaped her heart…given her deep compassion, a love for adventure, a sweet nurturing spirit.   She is my right hand girl–always eager and quick to serve our family…

When I picture Ella’s life, these images capture her spirit.  She is beautiful and free.

I love you Ella…what would i do without you?! (YES…I WILL ask that every day!!)

I pray she always runs, always soars–even flies, and never holds back!


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