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Snapshot #3…


Becca, my new sweet friend...her gifts of hospitality, generosity and kindness blessed me and made me feel a part of the Soddo family and team. Becca and her husband, Dr. Paul Gray have an incredible ministry together. Becca is an awesome and devoted wife and mom, she welcomes so many into her home, provides a place of work for many, and a place of refuge for other missionaries. I LOVED my time with her...and my new buddy, Nathan and Evie's new buddy, Lydia!!

"In the presence of GREATNESS..." On my second night in Ethiopia I was blessed to share a meal with Dr. and Mrs. Anderson, Dr. HaleJesus (Sr. Resident), Dr. Paul Gray, and Dr. and Mrs. Doorenbos. Also my incredible friend Leah should be next to me in this picture. All of these men and women serve God so faithfully at Soddo Christian Hospital...The Doorenbos' have served the Lord in Africa for 35 years!! I felt humbled to be at a table full of such phenomenal examples.

Here are the Anderson’s and HaleJesus…The Anderson’s have a passion for discipling and had incredible encouragement about the spiritual growth of the Soddo community! HaleJesus is part of the incredible PAACS program and has committed to being trained as a surgeon and staying to serve his people in Ethiopia. True servants for Jesus.

Here is one of the sweet Chaplains at the Hospital. I believe there are 4 total. They are beautiful witnesses of Jesus…loving and ministering to those who are sick. Chaplain Sara had taught this sweet girl to read the Bible in Amharic over the year she had been in the hospital. Another morning, one of the Chaplains was overjoyed as he was preparing resources for a man who had “just received JESUS CHRIST as His Savior!” God is meeting people through this ministry!


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