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Some things I’ve been reminded of since Dave left…

God is my Strength and my SONG.

He wants to help me to be different.  Less of me. More of Him.

Eternal things are of value…this is where my heart and my TIME should be focused.

I have been blessed with a really really amazing husband.  I miss him when he’s not here.  After 10 years, we really have become so much a part of each other, I feel like a piece of me is missing.

I have a LOT of kids.

I’m really thankful for paper plates.

Sleep is very important to being a good mom.

God’s WORD is FRESH, Powerful and active in me.  And my kids.

My kids are a JOY to me.  They are the instrument of God’s hand for the refining I need right now.  I love their energy and passion.  I love the moments of love and kindness and unity and laughter.  I am amazed at how fast they are becoming little people–made in the image of God.  I canNOT believe how much they eat.  I think I can actually even say, I love the chaos…most of the time. 🙂

I really can’t believe how many things my kids can find to fight about.

When someone’s husband is gone (out of town, away, out of the country, deployed…) NEVER, EVER say, “Oh, that’s not that long..” or “Well, at least it’s not_______ months.”  It is hard to have your husband away, period.  If I ever said that to any of you, please forgive me.  One day is hard, one week is hard, one month is hard…a year is incredibly hard.  May God’s GRACE be completely sufficient for ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Two things that I’m really thankful for and privileged to have…an hour three times a week to run, worship and be with the Lord…and the gift of a clean house every FRIDAY. I’m SO thankful.

Email and Skype are SO awesome. Yeah for technology!!

I miss Tera and Leah.  ily.

God did an incredible work in creation.  I’m daily in awe.

I’m thankful for life in Christ.  I can’t imagine a moment without Him.


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