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The fine line between Faith, Fun and Sheer Stupidity

Well I don’t blog much so please forgive the poor grammar, however thought I would share a few deep and spiritually moving insights from the past few days.  🙂

This morning Evie and I went on a “boda” ride for x-rays.  (Last night Evie fell backwards and broke her wrist,  for the record that is two kids with lacerations and one broken wrist in less than 2 weeks.  Selah cut her chin open ~10 days ago and then was one-upped by her brother a few days later who sliced his palm open on broken pool tile…gotta love African pools. As the cherry on top, in my apparent attempt write a country song, I also ran over our new puppy’s paw (he’s fine) as I was backing up a borrowed truck in order to head back to the pool to sew up Caleb.  I know my awesomeness is overwhelming. 🙂

Anyway so were are riding on the back of a motor bike this morning to get x-rays for a wrist which I already know is broken and I start laughing.  Laughing of course because I am fully confident our current activity (riding without helmets on the back of a motor bike on bad roads in a 3rd world country) falls well within the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines on proper transportation to a medical facility for a non-emergent medical issue.

It’s good I practice on this side of the pond, because I think all the preventative medicine counseling I would be obligated to give if I were stateside would ring just a tad bit hallow.

On a different note I want to sincerely thank you each and everyone of you for your prayers and support in our transition from Ethiopia to Uganda.  It has been emotionally challenging, super humbling and we have seen His hand guiding (well actually it’s more like a fireman carry) us through this transition.  Please pray my work permit gets approved quickly so I can start seeing patients that don’t have the last name Ayer. 🙂

His Unworthy Servant,





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