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The past couple weeks…

Sweet Maija...two weeks ago started Ballet...yesterday she informed me that she is quitting Ballet. Okay. After much threatening, bribery, conversation, and me trying to do ballet with her, I surrendered. She does look too cute, though, doesn't she?!

So...I discovered that my free spirited little girl loves to wear a Tutu and loves to do what she does so beautifully--life in a tutu!! She is very passionate about interpretive dancing...But, not so much about the discipline of ballet (or anything else right now!!)

Now, my ballerina is really happy!

Riah is loving life right now...especially sweet treats from Nana!! Don't you love how all my kids do that smile!?!

Nanna and our Tribe...Nanna has been our Angel...she keeps us loved and laughing and having lots of fun--popsicle at our favorite park on a beautiful fall day...What could be better?!?! (Don't you love Ella's "strike a pose" in this pic? ;))

Homeschooling has been SO much fun and so much better the past 2 weeks! Even with the Littles!! I'm so thankful for all the answered prayers. It's still totally chaos at times, but it's much more joyful chaos. Thank you, Father!


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