This God–He restores LIFE.

Her laughter greeted me.

A smile that filled my soul spread across her face…She kissed my shoulders, my neck, my cheeks—over and over again. Wet, delightful kisses. She blessed me—with hands lifted to Jesus, she blessed my family, my parents, my cousins, my friends…today, she is alive and overflowing with joy and gratitude.

This face only months ago, hung with grief, paralysis and a lack of hope…

She dug through the garbage with her children, trying to stay alive

She begged for a floor to sleep on each night.

She had no home. She had no food. No husband. Her body paralyzed and sick, her mind failing. She clung to a strand of hope that God still saw her. That he had not forgotten.

Today she held her hands up blessing the God who did not forget her, the God that never stopped chasing her…the God who was grieving and moving heaven and earth for her…he reached down and lifted her from the pit—from that garbage dump on the side of Otona Mountain. He looked at Ayelech, at Nati, at Mehret and at Bethlehem…his children created in his own image, and he moved hearts…

Today she told stories of before…she told of how she had wondered if God had forgotten her. She was so afraid. Fear made her heart shake, she said. Do we know this kind of fear—living on the streets, half paralyzed and with three small children? Where would my faith have been? Would I have kept hoping, kept praying? Would HOPE have stayed alive in my heart—a small flicker that God could then fan into flame?  Do we know this same God who rescued her? Do we believe the God of redemption, or restoration, of raising from the dead?? This great God who lifted a woman and 3 small children–four human beings that were cast away—he lifted them up and gave them life.

He gave her health and strength. He gave her a home. He surrounded her with friends that love her, house her, cook for her, care for her children, wash her clothes. He gave her hope. This is miraculous love.

This is the God who Sees. This is OUR GOD. This is our only HOPE. He lifted her head. Redeemed her life from the pit. Poured out hope. He gave her laughter. Healing. Joy. The ability to bless. He gave her FAITH wings. This God—He restores.

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