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This Holy Week


I walk into the Garden of Grace this Good Friday in a new posture…

I walked this week in a place of suffering and fear, and learning from my Jesus, to pray, “Please take this cup from me…but NOT MY WILL, but YOURS be done….”

If you choose Mercy…I will PRAISE you…

And if you choose to allow me to suffer (this)…teach me to praise you, even in it…

Thursday my eyes fell on these words from Hebrews,

“ Jesus’ obedience was perfected through suffering…”

My eyes and my soul were opened to a deeper truth that I don’t think can enter into the heart until you’re walking through a place of suffering. I knew that part of this road was because Jesus wanted a more perfected obedience from my life…This life will never reach the beautiful perfection of His sacrifice of obedience for all –for me, but we live to learn, to be made more like Him. Whatever He asks, whatever He calls us out to, whatever trials he appoints—may we say yes. It may not be an easy yes…but we fight to say yes. We strive to obey…we choose it. We STAY in His presence until the surrender comes over our will.

In the waiting place we find Him as the perfect answer…the final say…the only true and lasting YES is IN this Savior. His love is enough. His grace is enough. His hope is enough. He IS more than enough.

This Holy Week…I walk with my Savior to the beautiful cross.  I don’t know what he’ll ask me to lay down, or what cross I’ll be asked to carry…but “for the JOY set before Him, he endured…”  Jesus, teach me to walk like you. Teach me to lay down like you, to pick up my cross and follow you with Joy despite the road ahead or under my feet.


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