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this holy week…

2 month countdown!! 2 months from today, we’ll stepping onto a plane to Ethiopia…entrusting more than we ever have before to the Father.

The Sedar at our church was a precious way to begin this week…focusing on the BREAD of LIFE…how he PASSED over my sin today, yesterday…all my days…Ella said after the Sedar, “Momma, this is the fullest I’ve ever been.”  I pray we could always be SO full of HIM….just like tonight.

Maija said, “Mommy, I always have room for JESUS and ICE CREAM!!”

Evie, “Judas was a really bad guy.”

I have had many opportunities to share the gospel with my children (aka…lots of disobedience…but we ARE seeing the fruit of faithfulness too!!)

I love His GRACE over me more each day…

My husband is amazing…i am so thankful for my very best friend on this earth.

I love the smell of this Easter lilly sitting here in front of me…absolutely the most amazing, indescribable smell.  SCENT OF LIFE!

Pain….This week began with pain.  It was on a small spectrum, but we began the long process of IMMUNIZATIONS!!  Those of you who have traveled to Africa may understand…but now multiply times 7!!! Yikes!!  Yes, ALL 7 of us spent nearly 3 hours in the immun. clinic.  They were amazing, prepared, kind and quick…we had 3 nurses assigned to us wherever we went!! We had to go downstairs for the first round of biggies…short intermission, then upstairs for round 2!!  This will bring a smile:  As we walked, I quickly realized we were like a small herd and were probably going to run someone over, so Dave took the lead and I asked the kids to line up…they did…in order 🙂 from biggest down to smallest…And I took up the rear with Evie on my hip, of course! I told them they were such good little ducklings.  Then the QUACKING ensued!! It was so funny and brought many smiles to many faces through the hospital halls.  I’m wondering if our duckling line will work in the airport too…

The kids were brave, but it was so hard to watch their fear and pain….of course we explained what a gift this was…that we were getting special protection from lots of bad diseases, but I’m not so sure my Littles can understand yet…We also took the opportunity to talk about the Gospel…every chance we get, right?  How JESUS had to suffer…he obediently SUFFERED more than we could ever imagine…he went to the cross, endured it all with JOY!  How He went to the cross with joy I’ll probably never understand this side of Heaven…I could barely handle watching my kids hurting….Evie looked up with me with such a look of betrayal and hurt….what did my Savior’s face look like on the Cross? 

Reality of Sin…..As we sat and read our Holy Week readings last night, in the candle light, I shared a prayer for a young boy who is about to enter Heaven because of cancer…he’s 10.  Caleb was sobbing.  The rest of us were letting the tears fall quietly as we prayed for him…Why?  He asked it.  I don’t know why, except for sin.  And I know He redeems it.  But I can’t explain it to Caleb.  I try to share HOPE of heaven…and in the same moment, I can’t help but put myself in that mommy’s place…I want to protect my kids from sickness, from grieving, from hurt, but I know I can’t.  I know the life we’re called to is not a sheltered one.  It will be one that is full…to the fullest with hurting people, death, loss…children without…I can’t give those moments to my kids without trusting that Jesus is bigger…that He is worth it all..that He somehow redeems it all.   In the death, he will bring LIFE…just as He did from the grave.  I pray for deep wisdom and understanding for my precious kids…and me.  I know God will use it all to strengthen their hearts and draw them to KNOW Him more….I just have to let go.  I want to.

His resurrection life MUST be real to me today…and when my feet walk through the hospital in Soddo…when they walk to the shelter where hundreds of children live without a family…I have to believe in the LIFE to come…look to that, and live for that…with JOY.  He already endured for THEM. For ME.  With Joy.

The resurrection power is IN me. Thank you, Jesus.

I want to know Christ…the POWER of His resurrection…sharing in His sufferings, so somehow to attain to the RESURRECTION. (Phil. 3:10)


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