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This week: rain, buna, friends, court and spear throwing!

A special morning with some fairly amazing women…

Soddo Court’s in Session…under the Passion Fruit Fort!! Who’s guilty???

The rains are coming (praise the Lord!!) and so, let the cozy reading begin!!

Maija and her buddy, Elias…some expert fort architects!! Taylor, did you teach them this?!?

These two precious girls in my life, Bethlehem and Mehret.  Thank you, Jesus.

Hmmmm….spear throwing. Yep.  Love these boys!

Buna…a time with friends, sensing this–God’s perfect, beautiful pouring out among the poor.

Hugs and love from these three special kids!!

I finally learned how to make injera…well, I’ll need a LOT more practice.  This is an ART!! 

My soul was full having my Ella join me where my heart takes flight.  This is so beautiful to me.

photo 5


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