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To Dave…

Okay, he started it…Can you believe this awesome guy is my  husband?? And doesn’t he look cute in his uniform??

Well, the ‘125 things i love about my bride’ posting was a surprise to me, a sweet surprise…thanks, babe!! But now, I feel that I must retaliate 🙂  I can hardly believe he actually likes 125 things about me! I don’t even like that many things about me 🙂  I don’t have time tonight to write 125 things I love about Dave, although it would be easy for me…but here’s the top 10…

1.  He LOVES Jesus.

2. He really adores me.

3.  He is one of the most faithful, disciplined individuals I have ever met in my life.

4.  He is an amazing dad to our 5 kids!

5.  He is honest, funny, secure and strong.

6.  His consistency and diligence are evidence of Christ in Him.

7.  He loves to wrestle and play with the kids (and me!)

8.  He encourages me–in everything.

9.  He is obedient to our call.

10.  He is passionate.

…there’ll be more…good night 😉


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