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under His promises…

I was driving home late last night…after a long day of doctor’s appointments and saying goodbye to one of my dearest friends.  I was talking to Jesus…telling him this is hard.  I know He knows and I also know it’s not that hard…but letting go is a process of dying.  I’m dying to self, to many of the things and people I love.  I releasing much for a higher joy.  I trust that.

I looked to the left.  The sunlight was breaking through after a day of rain.  It was glorious.  Suddenly a downpour of rain hit my windshield.  I knew.  God was showing me. He was reminding me of His beauty.  Of His power.  He was refreshing and washing over me.  The song sang loud in my car–in my soul, “One thing remains…His love never fails, it never gives us…it never runs out on me…” I turned a corner and before me, all around me was the biggest, brightest rainbow I have ever seen…I stretched, striving…to SEE IT ALL.  I needed it. I heard Him. “Julie, YOU are UNDER MY PROMISES.”  YES!! I actually shouted, “Yes!” in my car!  I am under His merciful, loving, sufficient, precious, life-giving promises.  I felt it. I saw it. I heard Him.

I have not experienced God in that powerful and profound of a way in many weeks…in many more subtle ways I do each day, but this placed me in awe.  All of Creation was praising the Creator.  Bless the Lord, oh my soul!


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