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4 years in Africa

4 years in Africa.

(Photo Credit–Kelly Powers)

“Never once did we ever walk along.

Never once did you leave us on our own.

YOU are faithful, God you are faithful.”

This is my offering today—only worship and awe. Only gratitude that this is what you’ve done in our lives. It’s been messy and beautiful, purposeful and a trust walk. It’s been holding on and letting go. It’s been an adventure and a laying down, a journey and a deeper surrender. It’s been fighting you and releasing to you…it’s been loss, but greater gain. I have held the deepest hurts and fears, as well as the most sacred moments of my life. I have seen you and known you, felt lost and unknown. I have seen heaven reach down, and have been assured of the fleeting nature of this earth. These four years have been my best, my fullest, my deepest and my richest. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am walking a life that I never could have dreamed in a land I didn’t know to pray for, with people you have chosen and aligned my life with…I am awed today, and so deeply grateful.








Always Faithful.


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