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A Character Study (a-z) to Correlate with Classical Conversations

The Lord impressed on me through this past year of CC how MUCH we really can memorize and put in our hearts…so I am determined and dedicated this year to putting more scripture into our week…learning about God’s character and then our own character–to be in HIS likeness.

I’ve also always had littles in CC and wanted a coordinating LETTER of the WEEK and CHARACTER TRAIT of the week…so I did it, and I’d love to share.  Each week’s letter and character trait can be added to your New Grammar and reviewed each day along with your other CC Memory work!!  I’ve also included the Copywork for each Scripture!! PLEASE ENJOY and let’s all press in to BE and LOOK and LOVE more like CHRIST!!!

Here are the PDF VERSIONS of the copywork…sorry about my previous links…2nd try!!


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