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a dose of antibiotics…and perspective

Tonight I held my sweet baby as she was burning with fever…too hot and exhausted to even cry or fight.  She has an infection.  Simple, right? I took her to the doctor, which also happens to be her daddy (one of these things that is both a blessing and very difficult at times)…she had to be poked for about an hour, but then she was given shots of antibiotics and she’ll receive more tomorrow.  In my hours of holding her and praying over her today, missing her sweet personality and adorable dimples…longing to see just a glimpse of her joy and her life, my heart and prayers went to complete humility and gratitude for God’s provision in our lives.  My heart was drawn back to this sweet woman in Soddo, Ethiopia who represents so much more to me than just a face.  I connected with her.  I don’t really see a whole lot of difference between us.  That may seem totally absurd, but in my heart, I see this woman as a mom who loves–who would do anything for her children–more than I could even imagine.  She wakes up each day with them on her mind and her day is wrapped up in caring for them, providing for them…BUT the great chasm lies here, in our PLACE.  She was born in Ethiopia, I wasn’t.  She was born into poverty, I wasn’t.  At the core, we are both women created in the image of God, fulfilling His purpose through raising our kids.  This mom has to hope that her children won’t get sick, she has to beg for her children to be able to eat and witness their bellies bulging with lack of nutrition, she has to shave their heads and watch their bare feet be infested with bugs.  This will never be reconciled in my heart.  So, today, I am thanking God for the grace in my life to be able to give Evie the medical care and antibiotics she needs to get better.  I’m thanking him that HE is the LORD our HEALER and that He holds and sustains each child in His hands.  And I’m again asking God to so burden my heart for this woman and these beautiful children…and the millions they represent across our globe.


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