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A six year old with a dream.

I have an amazing son, with a dream to be a missionary pilot.  He doesn’t really love planes, but he has a heart that breaks for people who don’t have Bibles.  He wants to ‘drop Bibles’ to those who are without.  We KNOW God planted this in his heart and we are just praying it on and encouraging this dream as much as possible!

I also have an amazing husband, so when he arrived home after Iraq, he had this AWESOME idea to take Caleb to the Moody Aviation School over in Spokane…so my boys loaded up for a night away…We really had no idea that the amazing people at Moody would help this dream to GROW!! Caleb got to sit in the pilot’s seat, the instructor next to him in the co-pilot seat!  After they were up in the air, the instructor told Caleb to take over…and he did!! Dave said it was like a roller coaster going up, down, left, right!! Even Dave got a little motion sick!! But, Caleb was as calm as could be…enjoying the mountains and the AIR 🙂 He got to fly that plane for over 20 minutes…at 6 years old!! What an amazing gift!!!

When they got home later that day, (my 6 year old, going on 24!!) said to me, “Mommy, I flew the plane!! I think I’m really going to be a pilot!! And I think I’ve decided I’m going to Moody.  I loved it there. The people were so nice.”

I love watching God grow my children…their hearts and their dreams…each one is so unique and it is like a daily discover to see what God has placed inside each one!!


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