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Beauty. here.

Here are some shots of our last month…since I’m so behind on writing, I thought I’d share with some pictures. ~We celebrated 3 years with our Riah Grace…ohhh, we love this little girl…Extra blessing is that here in Addis, we have a Korean Restaurant so we were able to celebrate with Korean food and fun! ~We have been blessed to be part of a wonderful homeschool group here in Addis. It gives us some great support and fun friends! The picture of the kids all dressed up was a creative “Book/ Character Night”!! Next month we get to go to a farm outside of Addis! We are too excited! ~Homeschool has been going well…and we are building PERSEVERENCE and FAITH! ~Just beauty…here. It’s everywhere…in His work. In the pain. In the redemption. In His creation. In the people…just thought I’d share a few. ~My little girls with babies on their backs…learning from what they see around them. ~Finally, two of the most beautiful faces I am blessed to see everyday!


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