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Breaking the Silence

“Every valley made me lift my eyes up Every burden only made me stronger Every sorrow only made Your joy go Deeper and deeper, deeper, and deeper

Every mountain is making me a climber Every giant is calling out a fighter Every heartache only makes Your love go Deeper and deeper, deeper, and deeper

Thrown down but not defeated I’m worn out but not giving up”

This. This is the song of my heart today…

I sit with a cool Ugandan breeze ministering to me. Reminding me of Your constant-ness and faithfulness, even when my eyes couldn’t see and my faith was so weak.

This past year was marked with many dark valleys, many steep mountains, and more joy than I’ve ever known.

There were times when I thought the joy had been sucked right out of me, or stolen, or lost as I climbed, but I begged, and You showed me again, your grace and your goodness, your mercy and kindness.

Again, Father, you’ve brought us this far. To a place of abundance, but where we’re different than before. For that I am so thankful. I don’t want to turn back, or regret, or come under fear. I want to live FULLY and obediently poured out to you. I want my soul to find REST in you among the waves, on the side of that steep mountain, and in the dark of those valleys. I want to learn to SEE you in it all.

This past year, was a quiet year again. A still year in my heart. When I can only pray and try to comprehend on my own and not put my thoughts even into words. When groans are what I can offer.

I feel we stand at the base of the next mountain. You our Guide. Always. I look up. Fix my eyes, and beg you to show up as you always have. Your faithfulness my Rod…your Mercy, my Staff…Your love, my anchor…Your salvation, my only Hope.

I take these first steps, anchored and trusting. I don’t want to slip back into fear. Keep my heart from failing, Jesus. I hear you calling upwards.

This little boy has captured our hearts. You have spoken that he is our joy-bringer. His life was purposed to enter our family by your grace and sovereignty.

My daughter, stands taller than me now—entered high school. Laughs and works diligently. She is marked by your healing grace.

My husband, forging the waters of Lake Victoria, passionate and vision-filled for the souls inhabiting these somewhat forgotten islands. I stand beside quiet and in awe.

Lord, let us climb and battle, and believe FOR YOU in all our lives.  We step into this next month with expectation.  You are GOOD.  Thank you for drawing us deeper.

Let this life…these nine lives BE FOR YOU.

See God’s heart for the islands…Let it be.


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