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Celebrate…MAIJA turns 5!!

Can you believe my Maija is 5?!

Our sweet, passionate Maija…I can hardly believe she is a big five year old!  I remember from the day she arrived she has brought us such delight and passion! I held her as a tiny 6 week old when we moved overseas to Korea…and now look at her!  She is a LIFE giver!  She LOVES. She Laughs. She loves to make others laugh!  She loves to play and pretend.  She still loves Cheetahs, and loves to be a cheetah…she even gives ‘cheetah kisses’! She loves Chocolate.  She loves to bless.  She loves to “read” to her little sisters…she loves to write and draw.  She loves her stuffed animals…She is our little comedian…she is amazing at movie quotes!  She really loves to play with her sisters, her brother, her cousin, Lucia…and her sweet friends!  She loves Jesus.  Her prayer tonight was “Thank you Jesus that when we die, it’s actually good because we get to see you.”

Maija, we adore you…we celebrate the beauty and JOY and LIFE God is growing in your heart. We love seeing His heart through you…we loving watching you love people, love creation, love to worship and dance.  We love your sweet spirit and your life giving love and joy.  We delight in watching you grow into such a precious little girl that so often speaks the profound mysteries of God.  We love you precious, Maija Bean.

So special to be able to spend her 5th year celebration with wonderful Grandpa and Grandma!!


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