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One of the GREATEST gifts to us this fall has been all the FRIENDS God has brought into our lives!! The top picture was a fun family + 2 friends (very sweet and precious friends we’ve made at CC this year!! We love you E & A!!)  to the Pumpkin patch at Schilter Family Farms…This has been a family tradition every since we’ve lived in Washington!! We love the FALL beauty, the animals…and all the big orange pumpkins!!

At the start of the Fall, we had an adventurous night with the A family’s kids :)…yes, 5 + 5 = 10…no problem!! These kids are amazing and we actually had such a fun night!! But I will say, it made feeding 5 seeming like a piece of cake! Their mommy made us these unbelievable cake pops…wow!!  J above is my ‘picture and spirit of Ethiopia…” I absolutely LOVE him…so full of life…always smiling SO BIG!!


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