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give thanks…

Saturday mornings in the Ayer house…can sometimes be….well, ugly.  I contribute it to tired-ness and lack of structure?? What do you think?? Saturday mornings in my heart are cozy, yummy breakfasts, snuggly mornings–no pressure, no schedule…but with 5 kids– sometimes it doesn’t quite look like that! Often 2 out of 5 or 3 out of 5 are in on my perspective…

It the midst of this Saturday morning, Sweet Husband of mine got a phone call…I could tell by the excitement and surprise in his voice it was someone he hadn’t heard from in a while….curiosity rose 🙂

An old friend, now has a daughter who is turning one~~ Happy Birthday, Ella~~ they would like to do her birthday party as a gift to us and to Soddo!

My heart gave thanks.

I thought back over the 9 months of asking God for heart partners in this ministry and how many gifts HE has poured out.

Little Hannah gave her first birthday party to us as well!  Thanks, Hannah!! May Jesus bless your days and give you an understanding of HIS love for you!

My precious, kindred friend whom I haven’t seen in 4 LONG years, had a tremendous vision and passion for her 40th birthday party-to GIVE to our ministry to Soddo…Thank you, R, for always hearing HIS voice.

My prayer partner from Korea and her family of 6 ran a 1/2 marathon to support and share SODDO with Texas!!

A great team in Idaho RAN FOR SODDO!!

New friends creatively and generously gave a $10,000 matching gift for our home in Soddo!!

The AWESOME AWANAS kids at Fort Irwin, California have been some of our greatest encouragement and prayer support…we LOVE all of you and can’t wait to meet you all someday!!

My sweet sister provided a night of amazing desserts and fellowship to share with her community what God has called us to.

55 people have partnered with us on a monthly basis so we can Go.

Hundreds have partnered in prayer.

Last weekend, our church family gathered around our family..and other missionaries being sent, and PRAYED hard and long.

My strong Mom and faithful Dad have taken my kids for countless overnights so that I can prepare my home and not go crazy!

My Mom and Father-in-Law have LOVED and SUPPORTED us so beautifully.  Mom is here EVERY week…keeping the kids loved, keeping my life and laundry going…giving us encouragement and love!

God has given me a kindred sister who will share our duplex in Soddo…she is a wise and godly mom of 4…she loves her family…she is an amazing teacher…she has been an unexpected treasure to me in this season with so many unknowns.  Love you, K!

God has blessed me with 2 new spiritually strong sisters in this season…they are walking with me, understanding me, and giving me strength…

My kids have been solid.  They are so amazing.  God has given them hearts of warriors.

My husband has been diligent, focused, SO loving, so supportive…so surrendered and so strong.  God has given our family a Leader like Himself to follow here on this earth.  I love you, Dave and love being a team with you.

~~~~~~~ I look outside…the torrents of rain are interrupted with the sunshine bursting through the gray clouds, victorious!!  Just like my morning…His GOODNESS is greater than our grouchiness…our weary bodies…He shines through.  THANKS bursts forth in my heart.  I will recount His faithfulness…and give Him thanks. Many, LORD my God,    are the wonders you have done,    the things you planned for us. None can compare with you;    were I to speak and tell of your deeds,    they would be too many to declare. Psalm 40:5


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