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God moved Mountains…

These are my girls, Bezenech and Meskerem.  I love them so deeply.  They have both had such challenging lives.  Last year they both dropped out of school at 8th grade to help their families.  They began working with us and becoming a part of our family…we asked the Lord to show us how to help them.  They needed a new chance at life…they needed an opportunity beyond poverty.

God moved mountains this past week.  We had visited 6 schools in town here to try and get them admittance.  Each one gave the same answer, “We’re too full.  It is not possible.  We have 86 students…We have 74 students for one class.”   It started feeling a bit hopeless.  Even the private schools were overflowing.  Our dear friend and partner in ministry, Biruk came alongside and God gave him the idea for one more school–a private, Catholic girls’ school near our home.   He went and met with the director and the next day I took the girls.  I immediately saw that he was a kind man, and I asked him for mercy for these girls.  I asked him to please give them a change for something different in their lives and shared their stories.

He looked at them and asked, “Do you only want help, or do you want to LEARN?”  They both responded humbly, “We want an education.”  He told them he would help them because God helped us and that’s what we are to do for one another!  I could hardly believe what God had done!! We are still celebrating!! We quickly went and ordered their uniforms, got their notebooks and pencils!! It was an exciting first day of school!! I felt like such a proud mama!!!

Within two days, Biruk had found them a home right across the street from the school, so they could walk and get there early!! We got a mattress and moved their belongings from one rent room to this new one!! We celebrated with sodas and PRAISE TO OUR GOD–WHO CAN TRULY MOVE MOUNTAINS!!! 


Here, we are crammed in our car…I taught them how we do “CHEERS!!” 

Here’s my beautiful 8th GRADERS in their NEW HOME :)!!! WE PRAISE YOU LORD, FOR YOUR FAVOR!!!!

photo 5


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