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Hairy Lemon…our family’s magical place

One of the sweetest pieces of moving to Uganda has been this gift of recreating as a family.

In March when we attended RESTORE, one of their greatest encouragements to our family was again, “REST”.  Get away together.  Play. BE.

So God in His kindness to us, has shown us a magical island in the middle of the Nile, not far from our home.  It is called the Hairy Lemon.  It has been a sweet place to leave the phone, internet, home, hospital, ministry, cooking, cleaning, demands, frustrations and be in HIS CREATION.  It’s camping (but a bit cushy, so this momma can handle it in Africa!)  Basically it’s an island with small cabins, some running water, and FOOD cooked for us!! It speaks right to my heart!  We sit and play and read and swim and kayak and eat and BE TOGETHER!! The kids can explore and enjoy and Dave and I can REST (as much as one can while camping with 7 small people:)…But we are so thankful and have been loving this island and it’s beauty!

So after a week of  BACK TO SCHOOL, we CELEBRATED!! And went camping with some dear (new) friends!!  Despite Laryngitis (on my end), and some exhaustion (on Dave’s and my end),  the kids had a blast and I was FILLED with gratitude for another year to learn and grow and serve together here in Uganda.  I was FILLED with gratitude for new friends, and places where God continues to heal and restore and refresh.

So Hairy Lemon, we LOVE you.  And God, we THANK YOU.

We’ll be back again SOON!!


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