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Happy 3rd Birthday Evie-Bear!!

Today is Evie’s 3rd BIRTHDAY! Oh, we love our delightful, STRONG-willed Evie-bear! She has been an amazing trooper in all the transitions of her life!! We are now living in the 5th home in her short 3 years…the third country!! She still clings to me, but she is being so brave.  She tried coffee this week 🙂 and said “Amasagenalo!” (Thank you!) She woke up this morning with purple balloons hung and a cinnamon roll Daddy found yesterday at a bakery!!  She had a couple little presents we packed from home that have been in her arms since she woke!! She is now playing happily with Tsega and Riah.  I am trying to hide so she can adjust and learn to feel safe with her new Nanny! I keep hearing, “Where’s Mommy?”  It is breaking my heart, but I am trusting Jesus with this leaving each morning as well.  Today I am snuggled up with my sick little Caleb, so I had to skip my first morning of school.  My heart is at peace knowing my priorities remain…and it is good for another transition day for Evie and Riah. Evie is our amazing, challenging, loud, busy, strong and funny Littlest!!  She is singing, “We raise our white flag”, “Never let go…no, no, never let go”, and “Hosanna!”  She carries alot of fear and that is hard to see as a momma, but I know and trust Jesus’ love and plan for her life and how it must unfold as well…this is part of the surrender. Evie had a big party tonight…all our new friends came bringing sweet, thoughtful gifts of tiaras, purses and lip gloss…I feel like we are known and loved already.  Evie was so happy…all day she kept asking for her cake!! She and I made it from scratch and it was AMAZING, but she didn’t like the ‘seeds’ in it! (We added some blackberry pie filling–instead of cherry!!) But, it was soooo good after 2 weeks of little sweets…this momma was ready for some chocolate!! I can’t wait to see how Evie adjusts this year and grows as a little lady…already we see her tantrums calming and she is able to control herself a bit more. But this one, LOVES to be in charge…is fairly abrupt at times, and demanding, but we continue to nurture it all and pray that the joy, the bright mind and the determination will be shaped into a passionate young woman for Jesus!!  She has the most beautiful laugh, the biggest dimples and bright blue eyes…she adores her family…and she is a now a protector (most of the time) for Riah!! I am still her favorite thing on this earth–and a close second is still her warm milk!! (Thankfully she adjusted with NO problem to powdered milk!!) We love you Evie Bear and celebrate your life–Happy 3 YEARS!!


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