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Harvest at Home…

“Mommy, I have such happy tears right now!”

“We’re all going to heaven together!”

She walked around our table, whispering a blessing into each family member’s ear…

to her big sister, Ella, she whispered from the depths of her soul, “I hope we die holding hands.”

As we sat again and enjoyed the delight of this moment, we began talking more of Jesus, what He really gave. Maija reminded us how God had to turn away from His Son, so that He could save us. Can you imagine that kind of love? So, we gave thanks in a new, and deeper way with God’s love for our Maija this year. We thanked Him for the gift of salvation…for that kind of Love…for drawing our family…for His gift of grace…for His timing and His harvest here, now.

…Praise the Giver of every good and perfect gift with us!

…As Advent begins, in our hearts, we are loving Jesus’ coming…his entering into new lives and new places…

It is this JOY…of being HELD secure…that brings this smile, this peace…knowing she is IN HER Daddy’s arms–for all eternity.

“I have engraved you on the palm of My hand…you are Mine…”

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