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This past months’ outreach was incredible.  Sometimes things become ‘normal’ here and we have to stop and say…”GOD knows these precious people.  GOD SEES THEM…He is directing our lives towards them.  HIS HEART IS FOR THEM.  HE WANTS ALL MEN TO HEAR AND KNOW HIM!”

The compassionate care piece is amazing…opening doors and drawing many many more to the villages…then they receive care, love, and most importantly, the Gospel!

As the team went to a regular village, they excitedly told the pilot about a NEW People they had heard about…could we go find them?? YES.  Can you believe it?? Another group of people, un-discovered, un-touched, un-evangelized. They are not forgotten, for God SEES and He speaks and HE IS SENDING.

God is allowing the Word to be placed into 10 villages in these past few months…in the flesh!! Believers from other local areas are saying YES to living among the un-reached…they are risking their lives…facing persecution…and seeing many grow in CHRIST!! It is amazing to watch–to be a part of something that is impacting the Kingdom.  We are in awe.  We are humbled by His grace.  We LOVE that HIS LOVE IS EVER- REACHING–EVER- EXTENDING…until ALL HEAR…until EVERY KNEE BOWS!!

Oh, Lord, Continue this work…continue to let us all SEE and say YES to your call…to your heart…to the desire of YOUR HEART that ALL MEN MIGHT KNOW YOU!!


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