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I love Karisa.

Here’s our future neighbors in Soddo!! Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL!! They will be moving there come the new year!! Can you believe the sweetness of God?!  They are pregnant with their 5th! How would you like to be living in a duplex with 10 kids? For me, it is a dream come true! 

This is precious Karisa…God’s appointed, chosen, and oh so wonderful gift (I feel, just for me :)!  She is amazing.  She loves the Lord…loves and serves her husband and family and has a discipler’s heart.  She has JOY and energy and obedience.  This is what God did for us…Karisa introduced me to Classical Christian education over a year ago and we have both been using Classical Conversations…this past year I felt lost and floundered through my intro year in a totally foreign type of education. But we made it.  Then this Spring, God aligned our lives so that 2 days after we moved out I was able to fly to North Carolina to spend 5 days with my new kindred friend, sister, neighbor 🙂 and we went to a CC conference together.  I don’t think we stopped talking for 5 days. We would fall asleep at night mid sentence 🙂 IT was so absolutely amazing and a gift from God.  As I leave so much, I know what HE has chosen and put in place ahead of me is NEW and full of HIS LIFE.  I am so thankful.  Her children are precious and mostly BOY which is so good for this girly family! Caleb will have some brothers!

We are going to be able to start our own little community for educating our children…and hope it will potentially be a good fit for some of the other missionary kids on our little compound as well…how amazing to be in community in this way! 

I arrived home very blessed, very refreshed, very encouraged….and then I walked off my plane to this MOST PRECIOUS SIGHT to this momma’s eyes!! Oh…I love these!! (Evie came too, but you know she was already in my arms!!)


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