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It is well with my soul.

Tonight I found my self rocking Evie to sleep singing this sweet song…then to Riah’s room, as she was crying very hard….then back to Evie’s room.  It breaks my heart when I can sense the uncertainty even in my babies…My thoughts and prayers to the Lord as I held my two beautiful, scared babies was of HIS constant, strong, and loving arms.  Arms that never let go.  Arms that never get tired or weak, or lack the compassion to keep holding on.  All my kids are in a good place, but a little stressed and each in their own way…As I sang about ‘Peace like a river attending my soul’, I thanked God for His loving, constant source of peace. HE IS my Peace.  I KNOW and can trust that…even when my home changes, my place of residence changes, my family changes…even when I change, HE REMAINS the SAME.  I felt Him impressing on my heart how vital that is–that I am resting and abiding in HIM, that I exude peace in my home, while we travel, during our move, in future changes, my kids need that.  Their Daddy and I are the main vehicle of God’s love and presence in their little hearts right now. They need to see and experience God’s peace in and through me.  I need to PROVE His faithfulness by the way I rest, by the way I speak and respond.  I need to prove to them that HE IS SUFFICIENT for all of us–for all of our heart’s needs, in every season–even the most turbulent ones.  They need to SEE, hear, feel His peace IN me.

When the fears, or thoughts of ‘tomorrows’ enter my mind, they do come as waves…sometimes one after the other–some weak and others strong, but I remember that the LORD is my Rock.  He is secure. He is my refuge.  He is my protector, my Father, my best friend.  He never changes.  He never leaves me.  Never.  And HE IS FOR ME.  Maybe you need to hear that–that HE is for you…that He adores you.  Here’s some words from one of my favorite songs by Kari Jobe, You Are For Me.

I know that you are for me…
I know that you will never forsake me in my weakness. I know you came down to write upon my heart–to remind me of WHO YOU ARE. I know that you are for me.

My sweet Evie, finally laid her sweaty, soft cheek against mine, her body relaxed and at peace…she finally fell asleep…Sweet Riah, her body tight and tense buried her face against my neck.  I could feel her shaky breathing and her body calm.  The Lord reminded me that He uses my arms to show these little ones that they are safe, and loved.  I think I’ll be doing a lot of rocking, praying and singing over my children in this coming year.  It is well with my soul, because of Jesus.  I want my childrens’ souls to be at peace too.  They will be–HE is for them too.


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