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Jehovah Jireh…My Provider

My kids and I began our year by talking about the many Names of God. 

Our first was Jehovah Jireh…”The Lord is our PROVIDER”…I had no idea how much He would prove Himself to the kids and I, and to Dave during this season of separation.

Tonight I stand in awe of My Provider.  I feel humbled and my heart has been in a place of worship and thanks all day.  Today was one of those days where you look back and you can so clearly see the grace and love of Jesus…His fingerprints are all over my life.

Tonight I’m thankful because…

…I woke up and had a really sweet morning with my kids.

…I had time to read and pray with them.

…I was anticipating a calm morning with lots of productivity with Homeschool.  E & C woke up with diligence and happy hearts today and got so much work done even before breakfast. My sweet Mom-in-law was coming soon.

I’m also so grateful because God protected my sweet Caleb today…and all my kids.  But after this sweet couple hours, Caleb was standing up to come and get started on Science with me…he tripped and like always, he had a pencil in his mouth (PLEASE USE CALEB as an example for your kids!!)  All I heard was a serious scream and instant serious crying…the kind where you’re a bit scared because it sounds as serious as it is–usually.  I looked over to see Caleb holding his mouth and blood was pouring out.  (Sorry if you don’t like blood…neither do I, and Caleb likes it even less than me. )

I’m thankful because God was my peace.  We dealt with a lot of bleeding…the pencil had punctured the roof of his mouth…it scared me because I know how far it went in and I know the potential of how bad these things can be…but after much crying, phone calls, and me begging God to provide for us, we got to the ER.  SO many people jumped in to help and pray. IT was amazing.

I’m thankful for my friends, Ariele and Nicole who supported me by loving my family.

I’m so thankful for my Mom-in-law who was here, calm and loving, in a moment (or a day) of need.

I’m so thankful for God’s miraculous timing.  As I stood at the counter in the ER, Dave called–from Iraq. It was unbelievable.

I’m so thankful I didn’t have to make Caleb sit in the ER all day…that Dave works with wonderful people at Madigan…and that I just ‘happened’ to bump into the Dept. HEAD…who also just ‘happens’ to be a Christian…and was so wonderful and quick to help us out.  I’m so thankful that Dave was with me–even if it was just on the phone…I didn’t feel so alone.

And I’m so thankful that Caleb’s injury is already healing very well…he didn’t need stitches, or even antibiotics.  He was so brave and so so sweet.  I’m so thankful that God protected him from falling completely and having the pencil go too far up…I’m so thankful that even though so many things are out of my hands as a mommy, nothing is outside of my Savior’s hands.

I’m so thankful that even in the timing, I was able to get home in time for Caleb and the Littles to get a good rest…and I was able to zoom up to the Y and bless Ella-bug by letting her do her swim lesson. I loved being her hero today…when she saw me across the gym, she lit up and ran to me  with such joy–I haven’t seen that JOY in her spirit in so long.

And I’m so thankful I got to run, pray, gain perspective, and worship for 20 minutes while Ella swam.  I listened to my theme song…and was reminded, GOD is MIGHTY to save…He is over every detail of my life.  I am worshipping Him for that tonight.  Maybe I’m two hours closer to surrender…and a deeper trust in my Sovereign Savior.

ps…I’m also thankful that Maija didn’t electricute herself tonight when she tried to unplug her fan…..just a little shock.  I think Caleb and Maija got some painful lessons tonight that might change some areas of bad habits/disobedience in their little lives.

I’m also thankful that I get to go back to Madigan tomorrow for a scheduled appointment for Riah (Scheduled are MUCH better than these emergent types!) to get Cast #1 off and Cast #2 put on!!!  Please continue to PRAY as GOD HEALS!!

I love My PROVIDER….I love the kids He has blessed me with.  They are so precious.

Praying you can LOVE your kids tonight…or the special gifts God has blessed you with…I’m praying you have eyes to look back and see God’s gracious and perfect provision over your day….Look for those fingerprints!! They are everywhere.

This is one exhausted mommy, signing out.  Good night.


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