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Joy in the morning…

Our morning walk to school has become our time for SEEING JESUS…for LOVING HIM, in those distressing disguises…the blind, the widows, those begging…the sick…the children.  We see Him…when He’s hungry, we give Him bread.  When He’s thirsty, we give him water.  When He’s lonely, we give a smile, a hug…we hold his hand as we walk.  It’s become simple and clear. And JOY.

Today as we walked a mom and two children came up and walked with us…the children held our hands and smiled big up at us! Caleb looked at me, eyes twinkling as they do–and said, “Mommy, I have 2 big lollipops in my backpack!”  His grin grew! And so did my heart! He’s getting it…we handed these 2 small gifts to the momma and she then gave them to her children…the smiles were contagious…the young girl grabbed Ella’s hand and they walked together for a long time, smiling, not talking.  The little boy could barely open his mouth wide enough for the big blue lollipop, but he kept trying and smiling.  Caleb was so delighted and said, “Mommy that felt good…it IS better to give than to receive…”  then he sang those mysterious and life giving words all the rest of the way, “It is, it is, it is more blessed to give…than to receive…”  And when you give, then watch your child give…it is an even greater celebration of the soul!! The passing on of Jesus’ life and truth…the living out of the Kingdom here on this earth…being in those moments when heaven comes down in just a small way, this heart rejoices…and keeps praising.

I bent low today…my sweet Calling…she is huddled close to her baby and her son…nursing her baby and snuggling her little one to keep warm.  Her smile is so big every morning, though she sits in dirt all day…flies swarm around her children…How does she smile as she begs…in the rain…in the beating sun? What is her life like? What does she know that gives her face life and joy?  I want to ask her what has happened so she is here day after day?  I want to ask her if she knows why we stop every day and love her and her children just a little bit.  I want to ask her where she goes at the end of the day?  Is she safe? For now, I just love. I learn to give without caution or reservation.  I learn to SEE Jesus…and to be His hands and feet.  I learn to listen to the Spirit amidst the loud sounds of animals and cars and children laughing and yelling…horns honking. I can’t close my ears to His still small voice…His gentle leading to love Him here. “Keep bending…”


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