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Beauty, Joy, Leadership, FUN, Giggles, Imagination, Smart, Funny, Discerning…

Maija, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We can hardly believe that you are NINE!!!! You are a beauty inside and out.  We have loved watching you in this last year of your life press harder into your faith, trust Jesus in some HUGE ways…learn to walk through loss and embrace a LOT of new.  You are such a sweet soul.  You have a tender heart that Jesus gave you.  You are an amazing sister to so many–you have a gift with babies–you are a good friend.  I love how you sing with all your heart .  I love how you are learning to hear Jesus and obey.  I love how He called you to some incredible things this year and you’ve followed, and HE HAS BLESSED!!  Thank you for your faith and for your love, for the light you bring to all around you.  You are a strong leader, sweet girl…We pray you lead with gentleness and grace.  WE pray you lead as you FOLLOW.  We pray you grow to be a servant and a JOY giver.  We pray you are full of FAITH and that you SEE and KNOW your Jesus in powerful ways in this new year of life!!!

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