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Many goodbyes. We love you, Ethiopia.

Goodbye, Soddo Christian Hospital…may the GRACE and PROMISES of God always be OVER you…what you look to and may HIS favor be poured out on your ministry and this city!!  We love you deeply. 

Goodbye Helimission.  We have been forever changed by you. Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in reaching the unreached.  We never could have imagined all that God would show us through stepping onto a helicoptor.  Thank you for your lives poured out, your passion for the unreached, your love for Jesus, your adventurous spirits and your kindred hearts.  We grieve the loss of this piece of our lives as we leave Ethiopia, but pray He will continue to take you to the very ends of the earth…for HIS GLORY!!

Goodbye Soddo Family.  God’s grace was powerful through each and every one of you.  We loved serving alongside you, living alongside you and growing alongside you.  We praise GOD for the years of ministry and partnership He blessed us with your families.  We love you.

Goodbye sweet Soddo Kids..we cherish EACH OF YOU!!

Goodbye sweet, sweet sisters that I LOVE SO MUCH. 

Goodbye Grandma Elaine…we LOVE you.  Thank you for making each of us feel SO special.  Goodbye delicious machiatos.

Goodbye, amazing Bingham and our PRECIOUS Homeschool Group!! YOU blessed our lives!!

Goodbye, Ayelech.  God showed us His miraculous, redeeming love through you.  We are forever changed.  We love you!

  We love that God gave you a “NEW LIFE” and a NEW HOME!!!

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Goodbye, sweet, kindred sister, friend, and partner in LOVING.  I will MISS YOU, Bafitay!! 

Goodbye SWEETEST friends…you are FAMILY and we LOVE YOU. forever.

   Goodbye, Big Blue, LONG trips to Addis and back, and all the many animal friends along the road!

Goodbye Community times, Lapa, meals, celebrations, worship, prayer, eating, laughing, playing together.  

Goodbye my PRECIOUS GIFTS.  I love you ALL.  Thank you for serving and loving our family every day.  Thank you for all the grace you showed me and the JOY you live out. 

Goodbye Trampoline.  Thanks for the broken teeth, broken leg…

Goodbye CMF…thank you for being our home away from home, our family in Addis, and our refuge!!

Goodbye Chicken…Dorro Wat, Ethiopian food …we will MISS YOU.

Goodbye sweet Soddo Team.  You are all warriors.  Thank you for loving us and allowing us the honor of serving and living alongside you these past 3 years.  You are strong and devoted believers and we love you all.  May God continue to bind you all together in His love and unity.  May SCH reach many for the Kingdom! 

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