March Outreach

Heading Out to T’ara

Agara (T’ara Village)

Meeting with Church Leaders in Agara

Treats (Injera with Honey) no it doesn’t go together well 🙂

Morning in Agara

Chronic Knee Pain at Agara Clinic

1 month diarrhea…seen by “Traditional Healer” a few weeks ago

The numerous burns on his stomach didn’t help the diarrhea

Discussion with our two new Oshka evangelists

Oshka a T’ara Village (Building on L is what the church is building for the two new evangelists & their families…building on R is church)

Oshka Clinic


Evening Teaching in Sarsa

Breakfast in Sarsa

Flying to Yarta (a Me’en Village with six surrounding villages all ~ 2 days walk from anything).  I am pretty sure they hadn’t seen white folks before and have never heard the Gospel!!!

Ben explaining the Chronological Bible Teaching Books we brought to the two evangelists we helped bring in who had just arrived two days prior!!

Teaching prior to the clinic

Unloading the pharmacy prior to the Yarta Clinic

Heading back to Soddo

Home Sweet Home…I still think it’s crazy we land on our front lawn!!!

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