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Merry Christmas 2010!! Blessed in my weakness.

Here’s our family photo for this 2010…Hopefully our only year where we will have Cyber Daddy, but we had to make the most of it!!

Merry Christmas Friends…

These pictures are taken Christmas Eve day, so we all look very happy and healthy, but guess what we got for Christmas…THE FLU.  THE BIG BAD HORRIBLE FLU.  When we got back from church that night, the three older kids and I got violently ill through the entire night, until 5 in the morning.  Merry Christmas to my mom, dad and sis?!?…They were TRUE servants caring for all of us…they really were the hands and feet of Jesus to us.  After 1 am I couldn’t even make it up the stairs anymore to help with my own kids, so my sister took care of me by the downstairs “throne” while my parents cared for my kids upstairs.  Really, really awful.

I am thankful that I have parents that actually said they were so glad we were with them rather than at our home alone.  That’s love.

I am thankful that I was weaker and more miserable than I’ve been in a long time…and that my sister was like Christ in the flesh ministering to me in my pain and sickness. Sweet Becks  sat next to me each time I was at the toilet….At one point I was crying and in such pain, my sister wiped across my face with a cold wet towel…I remember whispering, “I feel Jesus right now.” She was His hands to me in the midst of my sickness and weakness…It wasn’t a merry Christmas, but it was blessed.

The next morning, my mom turned on a sermon and of course, Dr. Jeremiah was preaching on our expectation of Christmas…He reminded me that if  I think we deserve something other than what we’ve received, or if I think I should be experiencing Christmas in a certain way, that is only pride…I should accept what God gives, who Christ is…not just that Christmas should be happy, sparkly and full of laughter. Christ still came. He is my Savior.  I feel loved and am being restored…I was emptied of more of myself than I even imagined three days ago…and I know more of my Jesus because of what he’s done for me…His entry to this world was not beautiful or sparkly…his life was not easy…his death was full of suffering. He did all that for me.  Without complaint, without asking for something different, something less painful…He did it all, gave everything for the GLORY that would come.  His life ended in suffering, but it did not end.  His LIFE brings abundance and redemption.  I have felt the last three months have held so much purpose…in my human-ness I kept hoping it would ‘be done’.  Now, I “count it all joy” to be suffering in a small sense as I am KNOWING Christ in trials, in the stretching, in the sickness, in the loneliness…and in the blessing of HIS all sufficient presence.

I love you, Jesus.  Happy Birthday.  Thank you for the gift of weakness….for you ARE mighty to save.

Here’s the kids and I…oooohhhh, I love these precious gifts too much!!…And below is my MOST AMAZING husband…isn’t he cute, even on a computer screen…I was having fun carrying him around that afternoon…it kind of made me feel not so alone.

I pray you all had a BLESSED AND HEALTHY Christmas and that Jesus was perfect for your every need as well.



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