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my daughter

She stood in front of the church today, a young woman. When did this happen? She sang, and worshipped. She is beautiful.

She lay in bed tonight, weeping. Heart broken and dreams shattered by words.

She meets another new girl. Another new friend, but in her heart she asks, “how long will this last?” “when will we have to say another goodbye?”

She laughs and giggles with her brother, writing a Shakespeare script and then racing around the yard on bikes.

She bravely walks in—the new girl again—to play sports, to drink tea, to care for the sick, to deliver a baby—to play ‘restaurant’ or ‘dress up’—to bake cookies

She puts on my shoes, the ones with the heels…dangly earrings and some lip gloss. She hugs me and encourages me.

I love my daughter with a new depth.

She is my friend.


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