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This morning, we sat together on our Sabbath—our favorite morning of the week…Daddy makes breakfast, the kids all flip crepes…the worship music is on…and Mommy is usually just resting and enjoying it all.

Today was sweet…we had friends join us for our brunch and Daddy shared his devotion.  The lesson today was that we should honor the Sabbath..but more than obeying a rule, God desires our hearts—full surrender and complete obedience.  Today that devotion that came from Dave’s heart– was for Dave.

He needs his day of rest each week—more than ever before, I think.  But today, I saw God pour into him in the midst of a constant demand and constant needs.

During breakfast he was called in to see 2 patients.

He went to a funeral of a friend’s brother at noon, came straight back to a last minute meeting at the hospital, came home and was soon called again.

God gave him a couple hours at home before our church time, but again at the very end of our church service he was called back for an urgent patient.

He came home, shared his stories from the day while trying to shovel some soup and bread down…and his phone rang again.  Another baby had just arrived in a coma. The kids are in bed now, and he is still at the hospital while I sit and reflect and write.  I’m so thankful.

The child that struck me the most today was the one that came during church.  This little girl had gotten a very bad pneumonia, most likely.  Often here, when parents are fearful and unsure of what is wrong they will take their children to a ‘faith-healer’…that is what happened today. This is the third time Dave has seen this since we’ve arrived here—the ‘faith-healer’ in order to help the child breathe, will reach down and basically rip out the tonsils.  I know this is horrible…but of course, it causes so much trauma and it compromises the child’s health even more…

So, here this little one came in barely able to breathe, struggling to hold on to Life.  Dave and an amazing team here were able to get her stabilized and with a very jerry-rigged CPAP machine they were able to get her breathing almost back up to normal tonight…

…another from death to life.  We are praising God.

The kids and Dave and I worked one day a few weeks ago to try and create some type of breathing machine for babies and children. Dave thought we were unsuccessful with that, but over the past 2 weeks, he has been able to tweak it a bit to make it functional again.  Amazing what God does here…we are so thankful to be here and be a part of watching Him rescue and give Life.

We are also so excited and thankful for all of you that gave so generously and prayed for a sweet 9 year old who RAISED $8,000 for his BIRTHDAY to gift our hospital here with 3 real CPAP machines that will last and function well in a third world environment!  We are so grateful, Little J!!!  We can’t wait for you to hear of all the little children and babies that will have a chance at life, because of your heart and obedience to your Father!! HE USED YOU!!

This morning, the WORD spoke to us…asked us to listen and then called us to another day of laying down our agenda or needs to obey Him.  I watched my precious husband lead by example today and again offer his life up…It is obedience He desires, not sacrifice.  Pray we count this all JOY as we learn to be filled up in the pouring out.


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