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Our Evie-Bear is 7!!!

oh, don’t you just want to kiss this face?!?!


What a delight you are!! This year has marked a LOT of growth in you, in your spirit, in your faith!!

I have loved watching you overcome so much this year through prayer and hiding God’s word in your heart! You have such a tender spirit and a BIG HEART!! I love watching you love, and laugh, and create.  I love how you tackle things.  I love how you always tell me you love me.  I love that you have a discerning spirit!  I love that you have prayed for your baby brother for years and he came home right in time for your birthday!

I can hardly believe you’re finished with 1st grade…7 years old and such a GIFT TO ALL OF US!! We love you, Evie! You are a delight and a joy to us!!

photo 1
photo 1
photo 2
photo 1
photo 2

You are LOVED.

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