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Refreshment and Gratitude

I love my man!

Dave and I were so blessed by Dave’s parents…after I returned from North Carolina…after Mother’s Day celebration we escaped for a much needed 2 days of refreshment and rest in the San Juan islands!  It was soooo beautiful. It was so restful.  It was such a gift.  Thank you, Mom and Dad for this priceless gift before our lives take a huge LEAP…we go together and so united!  I’m so thankful for my precious husband an best friend.  The glory of the Lord surrounded and refreshed us for two days!!  (Then home again to BUSY and lots of lists!! But..with so much gratitude for all this!!)

A few of my favorite cream with my best friend, beautiful is sweet!

Kayaking in the San Juans was another dream that we were blessed to make a reality before leaving the Beautiful Northwest.


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