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We were

We were just blessed with two back to back retreats!! Our first was with our Soddo Team to a Beautiful Lake Hawassa!! We were blessed by a church team from Charlottesville, who ministered to our hearts, bodies, and KIDS!! We learned, laughed, rested, swam, ate and enjoyed the beauty of the Lake, the birds and each other!!

We are SO BLESSED by this amazing group–our Soddo team and FAMILY…we are growing in grace together as we learn how to do this life here!! I LOVE THESE FRIENDS in JESUS and am so thankful for a community to serve Him with!!

Our second retreat was with our Homeschool group from Bingham Academy!! What a GRACE!! These are some fairly phenomenal families serving Jesus and teaching their kids all throughout this country!! AMAZING…God also blessed Ella with the timing–just in time for her birthday!!!   Look at all these lovely ladies she was surrounded by to celebrate her 12th!!

The retreat was held at Lake Babagiyu–the deepest Crater Lake in Ethiopia!! ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL!! 

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