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Selah…sweet miracle

On May 14th at 1:31 am, this precious little one entered our lives…

Selah~~means “a pause to worship and to praise…” she has done just that…after two years of many changes, moving, deployment, preparation for the field, studies, a new country and people, releasing the old and embracing this new call…God has given us a sweet new life. With His miraculous work, He has again captured our hearts…made us pause, thank Him, worship Him and remember how miraculous His works are.  Selah is our miracle.  She has brought our family such deep joy and a united gift to focus on and SEE His face.  He has given us this LIFE…we are so thankful…we are so in love.

When you see our Selah, let her be a precious reminder to pause and praise…HE IS WORTHY.

We love you all and thank you for rejoicing with us!!


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