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snow day!

We have walked through life together and I am so in awe of the joys, the pain, the lessons, the ugliness, bad hair seasons, laughter, faith, transitions, road trips, boating, camping, moves, family, travel, heartache, braces, Concordia, ELCA, wyoming radio broadcasting:), the ‘horse’ laugh, worshiping, emailing, LONG phone calls, prayers, following JESUS on parallel paths and all the incredible adventures God has allowed us experience side by side.  You are one of my greatest gifts on this earth.

Sis, you are one of the most inspirational, beautiful, vibrant, joyful, faithful, FUN people in my life.  I love you so much…

one of the best things in life...sisters!

SO…Today was a rare day here in Taegu, SK…We have a half inch of SNOW ON THE GROUND!!!

It was so fun to watch my kids–so DELIGHTED!!

Caleb was out for over an hour by himself–singing, creating, playing, talking to himself.

I loved watching him be completely boy (except for the purple snowsuit and fur boots–but, that’s beside the point! He said it was better to be warm and girly than be frost-bitten-I agree.)

THEN Uncle Jimmy and Lil’ Jimmy came, Maija woke up and the FUN began!! Thanks Uncle Jimmy! Everyone was so happy! An hour and a half in the snow was just what we needed for our cabin fever!! And I loved being all warm and cozy inside hearing all the screaming and laughter out in the cold…perfect!  The Jimmys were too cute…what expert sledders!

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