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Soddo School Begins!!

This week marks the beginning of our first week of our first FULL YEAR of school in Ethiopia.  As far as I know…I am not moving three times.  As far as I know….I will not be moving continents.  I will not be learning a new language, having another baby, adjusting to a new culture and community.  As far as I know…but really I’ve learned, I don’t know much.

I feel so much peace (in the midst of sweating most of my day!!) in the assurance of BEING.  I love being here.  I love having confidence in my calling to be mostly in these 4 walls and with these half a dozen hearts.  I am at peace supporting my husband.  I am EXHAUSTED at the end of my days.  I am praying more…for Dave—for his patients—for his ministry here…it is growing!  I am praying more for my heart—to submit—I am so in NEED of God’s wisdom, His endurance, His LOVE.  Wow.  Who knew living and teaching my kids in Ethiopia would be SUCH A HUGE JOB?!?! Maybe you’re all laughing at me, but daily it surprises me just how much work this calling is!!

As we are now a few days in…let me just share from my heart a few of the MOST amazing provisions for my life this year.

#1…I have Jesus. in. Ethiopia.

#2…I have this really amazing husband, who supports me, encourages me, gives me one afternoon a week to do something I love—like sit in my garden outside, or write… or whatever I feel like!!  PRECIOUS 3 hours!!

#3…I have awesome kids.  I know there are a lot of awesome kids, but I love what God is doing in my kids’ hearts right now…they are GROWING!! I love what He is protecting them from, and I love the Life He is allowing them to live here.

#4…I have these incredible women here to do life with.  I have precious neighbors, friends, sisters in Christ whom I am growing in relationship with.  We are discovering ways to encourage and support one another.  We are meeting and praying on Fridays for each other and our kids.  We cook together (sometimes!)  WE help with each other’s kids!! We laugh and cry and share—it is not actually that I see them that much, but they are just SUCH A GIFT!!! I’m in my house in a hole (lovingly called, “The Hobbit Hole”) most of the week!!

#5…I am using Classical Conversations with KARISA!!! THIS IS SUCH A JOY!!! My neighbor and one of my best friends is also in community with me as we teach our kids!! We have started an OFFICIAL CC COMMUNITY made up of our 2 families J right here in Soddo…so if you’re nearby, and looking for a CC Community near you, please let us know!!  We are a good team…balancing each others’ gifts well…she is AMAZING!! She loves the material…she is FAST and incredible at teaching and reviewing all the grammar work…and I got (what I think J ) is all the fun stuff!! I get to teach the Science and Art!! We will do week #2 tomorrow!! The partnership and accountability is such a GIFT to me, especially after attempting to do it all alone last year!! We were sort of a chaotic bunch of learners last year! It feels so good to have some order and routine again!!

#6…I have a house helper!!! I am SO thankful and owe much of my daily sanity to MY Rebeka!! She keeps my dishes clean, laundry going and floors and bathrooms clean!! I would be SO done without her help in my life!! (This is a huge perk, Homeschool Moms…)  Without all those appliances (dryer, dishwasher, etc) that make us soooo efficient, I don’t know how I’d do it all here!!

#7…I DO have consistent water and power!! PRAISE THE LORD!! I know this is not the reality for many many missionaries, so I want to keep my HEART GRATEFUL for these gifts!!!

SO, the Ayer Academy is off to another year of learning…I am so excited about all the things we get to learn together this year…I have to remind myself of that multiple times a day as I’m running like a crazy woman J to teach Kindergarteners, a fun first grader, a third grader, and my fifth grader!  Oh, and hold a REALLY sweet little baby…she is my “pause” in my days and I am so thankful for my Selah!!

We are using Classical Conversations to frame all of our learning this year.  But have added some new awesome things…

~God’s Great Covenant for Bible and CHARACTER TRAITS

~Veritas Press for Literature Guides and Online History (New Testament, Greece and Rome!!)

~Story of the World for History (Medieval to present!!)

~Teaching Textbooks for my Bigs J I SO LOVE THIS!!

~Apologia Science for Astronomy

~For Kindergarten with Evie and Riah:  “MY FATHER’S WORLD”  –which I am sooo thankful for!! God really led me to this after asking His wisdom in meeting Riah’s needs…she is doing amazingly!!!

~Abeka for Phonics, Reading, Spelling up to 2nd Grade!! I just KNOW this and it works.

~First Language Lessons for 2nd Grade and UP J

~And what would we do without Andrew Pudewa at the Institute for Excellence in Writing…He helps us with our Spelling and Writing….Thank God for him!!

~Our YARD for more REAL Science…at the moment, we are all about BIRDS…catching birds, studying birds, bringing them in the house…oh well…we just are. a zoo.

Whew…it’s a lot to write out, let alone get through it all …ONE DAY AT A TIME!!

Ok, big rains a’ comin’…so everyone is re-entering the house!! Blessings on your teaching and your moments!!


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