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The FACES of HIS Grace.

His Grace amazed me today.  For 2 days, sweet sisters in Christ came and scrubbed and laughed and weeded and shared their lives with me…it was a precious gift.  Today, my house was bursting….literally bursting with women and even more children!! I kept quietly asking, “Lord, WHO are these servants? ” I only knew 2 of them.  He answered, “They are my face today.”  It’s a good thing you can’t all see me as I type, my eyes welling with tears…You know at times, God speaks powerfully through His word..often through worship, daily through His creation, but today He was present…His hands were serving, his feet came near…there was JOY, laughter, learning for me.

One of my sweet friends from many years ago called me about 3 weeks ago, “Julie, God woke me up in the night….my daughter’s Bible study needs to come serve you!”  I was speechless…humbled.  I didn’t know what to say other than, “thank you.”  So, they came.  Today they came with giggles and joy and many hands and feet to plant flowers, dust shelves, vacuum carpets, and mostly learn how to pour out their lives.  You know–they all thanked me when they left…and I thanked them.  I love these moms for showing their daughters that through pouring out, we do find our deepest joy.  Through serving, we more closely identify with Jesus’ heart.  I love these moms who chose to give their Saturday to a family they don’t even know.  I really love the Body of Christ.  Why was I the recipient of so much in the last two days….in all my life??

I had to put too many pictures up so you can have a taste of the grace I’ve seen for the past 48 hours in my home.  Thank you all who were HERE.  You were Jesus to me today.  Your hands and feet blessed with JOY. Thank you!! Thank you for those of you who prayed–God provided again…above and immeasurably more.

Here’s a few of my graces in the past couple days…Thank you, My Provider…for the ways and the people you choose.  I am blessed.

Have you ever had a love note written with a power washer on your driveway?? Don't be jealous!!

My mentor, my precious Ella, and my sweet Becky scrubbing and sharing in my kitchen!!

Sweet Maija, our little servant!!


My Evie Bear...loves to serve with a squirt bottle!! Look at that face!!

Dirt and Beauty!!

These amazing women were artists in my yard...thank you, new friends!!

LOVE this kitchen crew!!

Beautiful feet.


Day ending in JOY...I love my husband, and my oldest!! Is power washing each other fun?!?!? Dave makes memories in such crazy ways!! I love that guy...and this girl!

This sweet embrace of my sister and my girls! LOVE.


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