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The Father’s Heart…

Two beautiful worlds collided for me today inside the walls of our church.

The Watoto Childrens’ Choir came and ministered deeply to this needy heart.

God is rebuilding these lives that the world would say have no hope.  Jesus is EVERYTHING to them.

These children were worshiping like I haven’t seen children worship before.

They were sharing testimonies of God rescuing, redeeming, placing them in families, giving them food, and being their best friend.  They knew Jesus. They LOVED Him…really, deeply loved Him.

The joy radiated from their smiles…the gratitude poured out of their lips…They have already experienced HIS heart.

He IS the defender of the WEAK, He is the Father to the Fatherless…the HOPE to the Hopeless…He is the REDEEMER, RESTORER and HE IS LIFE.  I want to live out of this.

Thank you, Jesus, for today.


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