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too high.

The past week has been a mountain, but He helped us to climb it!!

Our home went on the market on Thursday!! 

Evie looked out and saw the sign and said, “Momma, there’s a cross in our yard!!”  Yes, yes there is.

We lived at Grandma and Grandpa’s for 5 days!

Here it begins!!

Saturday and Sunday we spoke at all 3 of our church services.

We all stood up on the stage of our church…looking out, and down at our faithful fellowship of believers.  We were up too high.  I want us to be lower.  But God gave me a peace to remain in His presence whether high or low.  Dave and I just wanted Jesus to be exalted.  I want our family to serve.  I see myself in the dirt in Ethiopia…learning to love.  Again, God gave us a position to share of His grace, so we embraced it and shared with  gratitude and joy–all that HE is and has done in our lives.

We at dinner Saturday night, and breakfast Sunday morning in the basement of our church…Picnics :)…I gained a new perspective and honor for all the servants at our church who pour out like this every single weekend…thank you.

My husband….I am so proud of him. He gave a powerful, challenging sermon about the geneology of Jesus…if you don’t believe that it could be powerful, trust me! He focused on the unusual additions to that geneology…the women, the sinners…how Christ came FOR sinners, but also came FROM sinners.  He wants to use all of us to bring His LIFE to this dark world….

I shared about my weakness, my strong will, my struggles in learning to love…it was hard but so good.  I shared about the power and HOPE of abiding IN Christ…To Abide…to stay…to remain IN HIM with an EXPECTATION that HE will act.  To expect that HE is who He says He is.  To expect that His will be faithful…that this time too, He will be sufficient. 

Dave then shared his testimony of God’s grace. He shared how the Lord broke His pride and called him to use his gifts for those in the world who need it most.  He shared how God has taught both of us that there is nothing in this world that brings more joy than our Savior.  He is worth all.

About a year ago, God gave us a vision to RUN…so we asked our church body to join SODDO RUNNERS…to run for the Soddo Benevolence Fund…We sold over 90 shirts and close to 75 people have shown interest in running the Olympia 1/2 marathon or 5 miler…for the sick in Soddo! I love how God is using this to bring about the JOY and unity of the BODY of believers…we will RUN and PRESS ON and press in to love, and to give. The run is on the 20th of MAY…right before we launch…if you’d like to join us…just let me know!!  A band of warriors pressing on for a prize to RUN, to PRAY and to give for children in a small dot on the other side of the world.  I love how God connects his heart to ours.

It was a blessed weekend. One full of speaking of our weakness and HIS power in that.  It was a weekend of grieving for our families…The sadness and anticipation mix around in us and bring out very different things in each…My sweet oldest, had a very hard weekend.  She was sad.  Caleb and Maija were happy, unaware.  Evie and Riah were troopers and God answered prayers in allowing them peace and sweet spirits for those two days. After church, we did a special treat and took them out for ice cream…I love my Maija, she said, “Momma, I always have room for Jesus and ice cream!” That’s my girl!!

My mommy’s heart ached during church as I stood above, looking down at Ella…her face marked with sadness, uncertainty….fear.  She didn’t expect that and neither did I…that afternoon Dave and I snuggled her and Caleb…encouraged them and then did what seems to bring healing to my kids…wrestled and tickled them until they couldn’t laugh anymore…later that day, their spirits were restored…they got to be kids…to run barefoot with toes in the grass…spinning freely, dancing in this place.  God knew what they needed.

  He is sufficient IN THEM too.  I can rest.

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