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Unless someone goes…

Here’s what the Ayer Tribe is up to…we prepared together, prayed together, packed medicines and sat in awe together. Today we sent Dave off in Joy and deep anticipation for what these next few days can hold…Dave is traveling hours south to a tribe that is unreached, untouched…he is traveling with another faithful evangelist and 3 other native missionaries…This will be the first evangelism and the first compassionate medical care these people have ever seen or experienced…can you even imagine..just for a moment what that will be like for them, for Dave…for those teaching and sharing…for those HEARING for the first time?  They have been waiting.

I really feel like I’m in a dream right now…eyes on Jesus, waiting to see what He does.  I don’t have much to say…there’s too much emotion and awe.  I just pray and trust and rest and watch His glory.

Is He really allowing us this honor?

Please pray for us…for the precious hearts of these people who may be hearing about Jesus for the first time.

When Ben went to one of the tribes in Southern Ethiopia and asked if they had heard of God…the chief replied, “How could I hear of Him, if no one has ever come to tell me?” The cry of Paul in Romans is still ringing out from the nations today. Here and now. People are dying to hear the TRUTH.  They are living in darkness and without hope or knowledge of the One who loves them.  These words, “How can I hear…?”  are true now across this globe–how many are waiting?  Are we going?  Are we going to those who are waiting…who are dying to hear?  God– so motivate us to move when you say it is time…let us FEEL your heart for the nations.  Let us not live with ears shut to those who are crying out for truth.

Another tribe Ben visited…an older man came and sat right at his feet and said,  “We are to follow the way of Christosos.”  Ben asked him how he even knew of this name.  The older man shared that 5 nights previously God had appeared to him in a dream and told him they were to follow Christosos and that 5 days from now HE would send someone coming from the sky to teach them Who they would follow.  Five days later, Ben arrived from the sky (in a helicopter) to share the Gospel.  God goes to every extent to reach His people.  This is His heart.  Even to the most untouched people on this earth…God, give us the honor to touch these that you are stretching your love towards.  

~~~~~ We have a friend here, named Jeff.  He had an amazing opportunity to go to a village and share his medical skills…He returned a few times. The village chief met him and told him he understood that Jeff loved them because he saw their needs and he came back to help them.  He went on to say, their tribe wanted to give land so they could learn how to farm and wanted them to come back and teach them about “Their Book”.  Wow.  Is it always this clear? No, but sometimes when God has a harvest ready, we need to be ready as well. As Jeff told Dave this story, Dave said it was as if a veil was ripped off his eyes and he suddenly saw.  He is over joyed and ready to obey.  He will GO.  God has opened a way.

~~~~~ 16 August 2012—Addis Ababa

In my room this morning,     “Lord, I need you…I confess that bowing here I find my rest.     Without you I fall apart…you’re the one who guides my heart….     Lord, I need you, Oh, I need you…every hour I need you.       My defense, my righteousness, Oh God, how I need you.”

He has taken us to a place where further surrender is the only option…He guides to a place where He wants to do more…Christ in me, wants to be all.  I want to be free in this.  Free to obey.  To fully live. As we say Yes, He pours out more.  He is showing us deeper joy, deeper life in choosing the ways that truly conform us to His likeness.  The calling, the yearning is deep…deep in my soul.  But I fear that we’ll fall, we’ll fail Him.  Oh God, How I need you…this is the ONLY cry of my heart. I wake at night hearing the cries of the little ones without food or shelter…the fatherless.  I close my eyes and see those untouched and unreached by the Gospel of Christ. The man’s words repeat in my mind…over and over, a cry for help…a cry heard by our Father, but not by many others… “No one has ever come, how could I know about Jesus? No one has ever told us.”  Are we the ones?  Are we sitting idly–comfortable and safe while people are dying…longing, aching for someone to come…to come share the simple and life altering truth that will save them.  Lord, I need you..but so do these children, these widows, these unreached…Wrap your arms, our arms around this world…around each of your children.  Let your love be known through us.


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