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Today, we beg God to part the waters, as He has faithfully done so many times before.  We ask Him to make a way for His own to receive the love and care they need.  We ask that God would stir the hearts of the authorities, and give our Vessel release.  We want to believe and ENCOUNTER our Gracious, Mighty, Miracle-working God today.  Please pray with us!

Ask of me,

and I will make the nations your heritage,

and the ends of the earth your possession. Psalms 2:8


Salvation belongs to the LORD;

your blessing be on your people!  Ps. 3:8


The LORD is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you…


Mbezia & The Boat (an update from Dave)

~A post from Dave~


Life can be difficult. Sometimes the enemy comes like a flood.

But then is the time to prove our faith and live our songs.  

Amy Carmichael

(This is Mbezia, a 14 year old girl that Dave met a few months ago in the malnutrition ward of the government hospital here.  Her diagnosis is Lupus,  but has been undiagnosed and suffering over the past 3 years….We have entered into the fight with her. Here’s Dave’s latest prayer update about her.  She is truly a warrior.)

Mbezia is suffering but fighting with a joy that this world can’t understand.   Today I had the privilege of laying out His eternal truth and watching a few realities sink beneath the skin that no longer remains.  Parts of her body are literally dying before her eyes (5th digit has gangrene) but Mbezia knows she is a treasure, that this disease isn’t a punishment, and Hope is a person.   A person who loves her so deeply He choose death so He could reach into it and offer Life.   I’m not one to press for a decision, but I do believe she understands and has made hers.  Please pray as we continue to stand with her, specifically for her skin, liver, and kidneys to recover and that she remains relatively pain free with the help of lots of medications.

Islands of Hope Ministry Boat Update:

The boat leaves Mombassa TODAY (Tuesday 19th)…..Pray for safe journey and warrior angels to protect it.  Below is where we will moor it (FYI the boat will get placed on top of another trailer like a tractor would be).  Please pray with us about the tax issues as we bring this boat into Uganda!  We are appealing the Tax Commissioner for a special exception but if the answer is no there aren’t other options.  My priority is remaining above reproach and now that I have seen the specific laws I have peace either way.  He isn’t nervous.  Thank you for praying with us!

sola gratia


Her eyes overflow with pain and tears, and so does my heart.   Yet she smiles.

How could a little one endure such suffering? And in the midst of it be speaking out in gratitude, and showing us love, and teaching my heart deep things about God?   And how does one know how to suffer and say thank you, except for the extravagant grace of God?

How could we –as those watching the suffering—feel such an intensity and depth of pain?

Sometimes another’s pain becomes our own.

We choose to embrace it, to take it on and in…to let it grieve us to our core. Sometimes another’s pain feels personal.

Sometimes we don’t know what to do with the pain of another—even when we KNOW that it is worse than our own…

Her eyes, now yellow. Her fingers, now rotting. Her heart is failing. Her liver is failing. But her Hope remains.

We want to save her.  To rescue and heal.  To change what we see.  To HOPE and keep fighting for her.

We want to ignore. To distract. To avoid. We walk away from her bedside in silent grief.

But then He calls us in. Into the place of suffering. Of compassion. Of crying out and interceding. He calls us closer to His own heart. For He suffered. He suffered for Mbezia. He knows her pain intimately, deeply—as His own. He weeps for her. Tears washing her wounds, her pain and her need. There is a hope unseen, as strong and as real as this pain. There is a promise of healing. There is a light of redemption. Someday, she will be whole. Someday, her body will be new. There is a light in her eyes. A radiance in her smile. She must SEE Him. She must know his presence because as He said, He is with us in the suffering. He has met her there. He holds her there. And she looks up into her Father’s eyes and smiles.

And that smile will one day shine in all the glory that she was created for.

Hairy Lemon…our family’s magical place

One of the sweetest pieces of moving to Uganda has been this gift of recreating as a family.

In March when we attended RESTORE, one of their greatest encouragements to our family was again, “REST”.  Get away together.  Play. BE.

So God in His kindness to us, has shown us a magical island in the middle of the Nile, not far from our home.  It is called the Hairy Lemon.  It has been a sweet place to leave the phone, internet, home, hospital, ministry, cooking, cleaning, demands, frustrations and be in HIS CREATION.  It’s camping (but a bit cushy, so this momma can handle it in Africa!)  Basically it’s an island with small cabins, some running water, and FOOD cooked for us!! It speaks right to my heart!  We sit and play and read and swim and kayak and eat and BE TOGETHER!! The kids can explore and enjoy and Dave and I can REST (as much as one can while camping with 7 small people:)…But we are so thankful and have been loving this island and it’s beauty!

So after a week of  BACK TO SCHOOL, we CELEBRATED!! And went camping with some dear (new) friends!!  Despite Laryngitis (on my end), and some exhaustion (on Dave’s and my end),  the kids had a blast and I was FILLED with gratitude for another year to learn and grow and serve together here in Uganda.  I was FILLED with gratitude for new friends, and places where God continues to heal and restore and refresh.

So Hairy Lemon, we LOVE you.  And God, we THANK YOU.

We’ll be back again SOON!!

The Vision into Reality…

There is no place on this earth that reaches beyond His Love.


Over a year ago.  This man of mine sat and like a little boy, shared excitedly, the vision God had given him.  It was clear.  It was specific. And of course, it was BIG.  So I took a deep breath, and prayed to have the faith to walk into this vision beside my man.

God has taken us through more than either of us could have known or expected over this past year, but HE HAS BEEN FAITHFUL.  He has proven Himself sovereign and strong.  He has done this.  And we really stand in awe.

The vision was for the Islands of Lake Victoria.  Really for the souls there.  God burdened Dave’s heart, as He has burdened many before us, to reach these precious (often forgotten) people with the Love of Christ.  And so…Dave envisioned a boat.  He asked God for a Boat.  He asked many of you for the funds.  Everyone said, “YES.”  God provided the finances, God provided JAARS (an amazing team of men and women) who brought the boat to life, God provided a shipping company, God provided over and over and over.

Today the boat sits in the waters of the Port of Mombassa.  Tomorrow, begins her final leg of the LONG journey from North Carolina all the way to Jinja, Uganda!  Let’s pray her Here.  We have named this vessel the SOLA GRATIA…”By Grace Alone”.  It’s really the whole story.  And it’s the message this strong boat will carry to many islands in our vast lake.

The ministry team God has formed is beautiful.  The Body of Christ.  These believers are passionate, committed and faithful. It has been one of the greatest gifts of our life to work alongside, to pray with, to vision with and to GO with these brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please cover SOLA GRATIA in prayer as she journeys to Jinja.

Please pray for the Islands of Hope Team.  That we stay united and Gospel centered! ONE HEART AND ONE MIND!

Here’s the Antenatal Team.  The amazing Anet & Margret!The Evangelistic Team: Many members but often, Richard, Ronnie, Mama & Papa O, Pastor Stephen, and many others.The Team ministering to people with HIV/AIDS:  Daniel, Margret, Anet, Keeky, Mama O and many others… (many of these women are receiving much needed care and medication.)

Please pray for God to move mountains so the taxes can be diminished and the Islands can receive more!

O u r   P a g e s
C a t e g o r i e s