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Welcome. We're so glad you're here. 

Our Tribe invites you into this little space...our family blog.

I pray this blog is a space for our family to share honestly as we journey back to the mission field.  I pray it is a place of beauty.   A place to give glory to Jesus and lift His Name.  I pray it is a place of vulnerability, honesty and encouragement.  I pray it is a place where more families, more soldiers, more individuals will find strength and hope in the daily places and in the life callings to see His grace and to love him with all you are.


I pray this is a place for hearts who seek God, for families, for homeschool mamas, for kids who want to seek Jesus, for the lonely ones, for the misfits, for those walking a narrow road, for the broken hearted, for the pure in heart, for those who need a story that can help them take the next step to LOVE, TO GO, TO BE who God is asking YOU TO BE…right in your little space today.  Be encouraged.


I've asked my kids to begin sharing …day to day…life on mission…life as normal kids living in not so normal ways around the world.  I am praying their words and their stories give all glory to God and encourage you and your children.

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