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Advent…the coming.

Here it is. Again.  This season that seems to rush in just when this weary soul needs it.  A reminder, a reality–that HE IS COMING.

He comes in, consistently, powerfully, and changes me.  Every single year.

He is coming.

I am wandering.  Last year I was wondering.

I wondered as I set foot in a new country, surrounded by new people, a new culture and began making yet another new home. I wondered where He was in all my mess.  In all my uncertainty and in all my questions.  I wondered how I would see Him and know Him more through all of this.

This past year was hard.  One of the hardest.  We were broken and hurting.  Our kids were grieving and confused.  Some more than others. My heart was broken to release a people and a place that had grown so deep into me.  I missed Ethiopia.  I missed our friends and our home.  I missed the long drive through the vast, beautiful country.  I missed my friend Ayelech and her joyful worship of her Redeemer.  I missed watching my husband fly off on the helicopter to the unreached–the untouched.  I missed hearing his phone ring and watch him RUN to pour out.  I missed our garden, our community, watching my kids run free and climb trees.  I had to let it all grieve and hurt for awhile.  I had to watch two within my home be pulled up out of some deep pits by a strong and loving Savior.  I had to trust more than I ever have before–on behalf of my child.  I had to release and cry out.  I had to lay down what my hopes had been, and love Jesus above all of that. I had to ask him for new vision and renewed passion for what He’d called us to. HERE. and NOW.

This year was a year of Healing.  But the healing began with many, many broken pieces.  The healing began through tears and through valleys.  But HE WAS THERE.

And He IS COMING.  He always is.


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