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Re-start. Jinja.

Jinja…a new start.

This week marks 4 months in Jinja, Uganda. A place I never imagined living or even setting my feet. The beauty of this place is overwhelming. The joy of the Body of Christ has been healing. The new vision God is instilling in Dave’s heart for the lost on the islands inspires me.   The friendships my kids are forming are answers to deep deep prayers.   The home He has given us is a sanctuary of Light and Healing.

After 4 months, we have a rhythm here…. We have furniture, and we almost have cars J. We have precious friends, and a church home. We have freedom to live and serve Jesus here. We have community with kids and families. We have had broken bones, lots of stitches, some new scars, some dark weeks that Jesus had to carry us through, and we have hope. We have deep healing, and some healing in process. We have a deeper sense of who we are . We have deep humility to serve an unbelievably great Father. We SEE people who are desperate for hope. We see brokenness within ourselves and around us. We have a deep gratitude for the joy to continue serving Jesus over on this great continent.

We have vision. Re-newed. Re-ignited.

We are not afraid. We are ready.

We will say Yes. Here I am. Here we are.


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